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Kill The Zombies

Ready for a twisted variation of Tower Defense?

Kill the Zombies [ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=zone33.killTheZombies ] is your game then, a zombie-centric experience where the only goal is survival. As the last man standing you must protect your base from the hordes of incoming zombies. Some are slow, others fast, but all eager to destroy you.

The fun starts when you pick zombies up and smash those pests against everything, or when you use weapons in your arsenal to take them out. No matter your killing preference, there’s no shortage of zombies!

Main Features:
– Twisted gameplay. Killing the Zombies is all about protecting your life at all costs from the waves of deadly zombies. They attack from every direction and you must use your arsenal to destroy them or simply pick and throw them around.
– Ragdoll physics. The cruelty factor is to the roof in Kill the Zombies. You can throw raggedy zombies around (true ragdoll physics) with your finger, blow their heads off with a gun or cripple them with landmines.
– Awesome weapons. As you advance you’ll gain stars and unlock new awesome weapons that make the zombie-killing activity a captivating experience. Shotguns, piles of books, rocks, landmines and many more can be unlocked.
– Different game modes. You can play the game in Campaign mode where you advance from one Night (level) to another that increases in difficulty or play the game in Sandbox mode for practice. If you’re truly into killing zombies then the Infinite mode will suit you.
– Freaky graphics. Seven different types of zombies, one scarier than the other, combined with the cartoon-ish style of the environment create a freaky gaming experience for zombie killing fans.

With Kill the Zombies it’s always Halloween! The game is available for free on Google Play and only displays minimal unobtrusive ads:

We’re a Canadian indie game studio and KTZ is our second release. We’d be thrilled if you’d play the game and share a review with your readers! If you need any details feel free to drop us an email, in the meantime happy ZOMBIE killing time.

Thank you.

Jayme Schroeder, Zone 33

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