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Preschool Games for Kids


As parents we always tried to find the best way to educate our kids, so combining that with our programming skills we started working on educational games, thoroughly beta-tested by our own children :). We’ve recently finished and published our 12th educational game, “Preschool Games for Kids” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.queleas.preschoolgamesforkids ), a 7-in-1 game that is as entertaining as it is educational. We’d be immensely grateful if you’d install and write a review or publish the game on your website .

For parents it is a continuous struggle to find easy teaching solutions that offer more than the classic “by-the-book” approach. “Preschool Games for Kids” is a suite of educational games and was created as a tool for parents eager to help their children learn while having fun in order to help them sharpen their minds. Not only that but “Preschool Games for Kids” is also a safe place for kids to play away from any other distractions, while obviously learning important skills such as recognizing letters, learning shapes, comparing numbers and more.

Here’s what makes “Preschool Games for Kids” the perfect educational tool:

– 7-in-1 edugames. It includes seven different educational games ranging from reading/spelling to drawing/shape recognition. Kids get to arrange letters to form words, draw shapes based on audio guidelines, visualize shapes, color the alphabet and compare numbers.
– Voice companion. “Preschool Games for Kids” is very kid-friendly and includes a calm voice companion that either gives them gentle instructions when needed or explains various fun tasks. A pocket-sized teacher!
– Great play environment. The game features excellent cartoon-like graphics to increase the appeal kids feel towards playing it. This way, being attracted by the design, they get attached to the game and perceive it only as a fun tool.
– Fun for Preschoolers, useful for Parents. The games can be used as a fun educational tool for kids ages 1 through 7, thus you can help toddlers, kindergarten kids, 1st/2nd/3rd grade kids sharpen their minds with ease.

Preschool Games for Kids offer a variety of fun games while training different new skills. We have tested our games with our son and he absolutely loves them! This gives us confidence that your kids will also love these entertaining and mind challenging puzzles. The game is available for free on Google Play:

Thank you.

Queleas Team

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