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Arcade Blocks

Ciao! Are you ready to play Tetris re-invented? Arcade Blocks ( http://www.arcadeblocks.net/ ) will captivate you as it uses a Tetris-like style but an unique gameplay where you must manually arrange blocks on a grid to clear the same-colored areas. When things get tough you can use power-ups to clear blocks faster and achieve a […]


Imagine all those tall skyscrapers in your downtown being dwarfed with a single tallest tower escaping the clouds into the abyss. Imagine the grand architect and the builder of the sky-kissing tower, to be you. Not so fast kids! Constructing towers need accurate placement of building blocks and correctly stacked floors to make it stable […]

Photon Strike

GameSpire released a new classic shmup action game, features full 3D graphics and hundreds of levels with just 25 MB package size! In the distant future, automated bots designed to maintain space stations were left on their own. After a decade of uncontrollable self reconstruction they grew in numbers. And self-defense mechanisms turned them into […]


PullBalls is a game where you draw lines in such a way to release pink balls and have them drop to the ground. This is a simple and minimalist physics based puzzle game. You can complete the game by cutting all the rubber lines connected to the pink ball. To do that you use Yellow […]

Road Dash

Ready for an endless adventure through the oriental city of Baku? Road Dash [ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TwoMorons.RoadDash ] is an extremely fun endless running game. Help a kid run through an oriental city and green park without being hit by buses or cars. Use your dodging skills to trick your chasers, an inspector or granny, and try […]

New report examines the Global Digital Games Market, 2014-2020

A video game is an electronic game that includes a video device for human interaction with the user interface of the game. PC monitor, mobile display and TV are used as a video device. The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms. Different platforms include PCs, consoles, TVs, mobile devices and […]

Jump Higher

Jump Higher is a game where you must help a planet escape galaxies one by one. You do that by moving the phone upward and downward without touching the screen at all. This is the first game of its kind as no screen interaction is needed. Co-ordinate the phone movements with the jumps to have […]

Penguin Run

Welcome to Arctic world of adventure! The cute little Penguin is rushing to collect fish. Tap..Flap..Easy? It is one of the most addicting games. Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Tap to change your flapping direction. Beware of the ice cones and snow balls. Don’t hit the obstacles this is the play […]

Unblock 3D

Is your brain ready for a challenge? Now’s your chance to test your puzzle-solving skills with Unblock 3D ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.radle.unblock3d ), a simple and addictive puzzle. An entertaining gameplay with colorful graphics will keep your brain focused for hundreds of hours as there are 1080 levels in total. The goal in each level is to […]

Guilty Birds: Play Hunger Games with jungle birds! Be the next KATNISS!

Let the Birdy Games begin! In Guilty Birds [ http://www.squarekstudios.com/ ] you must help Perseus fight back against an angry flock of rogue birds. Use your sharpshooting skill to help him crush the evil birds and their allies by firing arrows with your longbow. Shoot with precision to destroy the charging birds, evil eggs & […]