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Wrestling Trivia Federation

Creator: Myriad Media

Platform: Android Smartphone

Type: Sport, Strategy

Wrestling Trivia Federation (WTF) is a single player wrestling trivia game taken to a whole new level. You compete in matches against nine different wrestlers in a single player wrestling season. Matches are won by selecting different moves on either offense or defense and of different power and difficulty. After the move is chosen you must answer a wrestling trivia question. Whether you get the question correct or incorrect will help decide how successful you are in completing your move.It is important to know that your opponent is also choosing his own move and answering his own trivia question to try to combat you. Winning matches will depend on a combination of your move choices and your ability to answer wrestling trivia questions. This deep trivia game is wrapped up inside a deep sports season style environment. FEATURES * Over 1000 trivia questions * One year long single player season * 9 unique WTF wrestlers to compete against * Compete in wrestling matches to move up the rankings and try to win the WTF Championship and defend it. * Injury System * Feuds that can lead to Cage, Ladder, or First Blood matches * 40 different achievements to try to earn * Detailed instruction manual to help you learn the ins and outs of this deep game


Wrestling Trivia FederationWrestling Trivia FederationWrestling Trivia FederationWrestling Trivia Federation

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