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Save The Sun

Creator: C_File

Platform: Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, HTML5, iOS iPad, iOS iPhone, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows

Type: Action, Arcade

GAME LINK http://crackedfile.ru/game/1/ INFO To win agains terroris Mr.Black decided to kill sun! You have to run his plans. Reach teh Sun? kill enemies. Battle to Mr.Black and his bosses. Follow Frida Freak instrustions. She will help you. Save the Sun for People of Earth! This game is a joke! Be careful! There are lots of trolly jokes in it =P VIDEO PRESENTATION http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT_6ItF9CiM PLAY THE GAME Use the ARROW-KEYS to movie your ship. Press SPACE to shoot. AUTOR Design and code by SerZh (C_File) www.crackedfile.ru c_file@mail.ru


Save The SunSave The SunSave The SunSave The Sun

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Serzh c_file

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Game submitted: 2013-09-18 12:20:04