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Mystery Numbers – A treat for Mathematics lovers

Game is medium of changing your mood. Addictive games increases
concentration as well as it gives you temporary relief from all tensions and
problems of life. So we can say that gaming is best addiction because it takes
you to imaginary world without hampering your health like other addictions i.e.
alcohol, drugs etc
If someone likes to play game, then that is the sign of its playful mind. What kind
of game you like is also dependent upon your choice and behaviour. For
example, math lovers like brainie games like puzzles, artist likes apps like
greeting creator, Some riders also may like racing games, People who love to
break traffic rules may like games like Wrong Side Adventure.
‘Vichitra games’ unit of HowzurApp is trying to cover all categories of games in attempt of entertaining customers with wide variety of choices. Recently, Vichitra Games launched a new game ‘Mystery Numbers’, both on Google Play and iTunes. It is a
game designed in honour of great Indian mathematician Ramanujan who had
invented magic square. Ramanujan created a magic square using his birth date
(22-12-1887) in such a way that addition of all rows, columns and diagonals was
Rohit Kulkarni found the mystery behind this square and created same kind of
magic square using his birth date (29-01-1988). Rohit developed the algorithm
and transformed this idea into a new puzzle. This algorithm can generate infinite
number of combinations of such mystery numbers.
This is a new and unique puzzle. It is a treat for mathematics lovers. Rohit told us
that, he was amazed when he saw the magic square for first time. He was then
traveling to Bangalore from Pune in August 2014. He spent time on analyzing
this magic square and after some time he found the mystery and he created his
own magic square using his birth date. Later he developed an algorithm which
can generate unlimited combination of such mystery numbers. He was very
excited about this whole journey from finding the mystery to developing it as a
new unique puzzle.‚Äč
This game is divided into 4 difficulty modes. After solving the puzzle user gets
certain points based on the difficulty mode. Total points decide the place of user
on leader board. Interface of application is very user friendly. Game is optimized
for all mobile and tablet resolutions. Due to its uniqueness, this application has
potential to go viral.

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