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Death Knight: Card game with an RPG style and beautiful Anime story


We’re an indie team of game devs and we’ve combined our various tastes in gaming to create an unique RPG-meets-Boardgame-meets-Anime game: Death Knight [ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jyx.ss.googleplay_en2 ].

In Death Knight you control a good-hearted teen that has the power to discover souls of the dead. Death Knight combines a board-game play style with an RPG turn-based gameplay, the result being an unique gaming experience. The graphics were created in an Anime style and every character has an unique role in the story that is presented as you play the game.

Main features:
– Board-game style. Death Knight’s gameplay revolves around the board-game turn based style, as you have a deck of cards and must use your wits to defeat the other opponents. Simply tap on a card to unleash the power of that spirit and attack the others.
– RPG elements. Aside the main board-game style, the game features lots of RPG elements that make it unique. You advance from one world to another (with dynamic visual movement styles), level up, pick up new powers, and much more.
– Anime graphics & story. Death Knight has anime characters and graphics, carefully crafted to create an amazing story. As you advance the story unfolds with clear roles for all participants and ongoing dialogue. You’ll feel as if you play in an Anime cartoon, rather than a game.
– 1000+ Card combinations. The core of the game are the cards, each created with its own spirit (power). A card can contain a mix of different skills and that goes up to over 1000 combinations. Analyze your opponent’s team carefully and you’ll beat them for sure with card combinations.

Death Knight uniquely combines Anime with RPG gaming and the board-game style to entice even the more avid gamers. Novices are easily guided via an on-screen tutorial, while advanced players can delve right into the vast gameplay. The game is available for free on Google Play (has some IAP):

This is our first game and if you like any of the 3-styles that the game combines you’ll love Death Knight for sure. It would be amazing to have the game reviewed by you and published on your website. If there’s anything we can help with (i.e. promo codes) feel free to email us.

Thank you!

Shi Fangshao

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