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Thoughts on gaming

Gaming has during the last decade changed a lot. Now it’s not only PC´s or consoles that rule the market. Mobile games have had increasing success over the last couple of years.

An example of this development is the new Danish game “Subway Surfers” that made it into the top 25 in the “free games category” and after a month or so, to number one.

The game itself is similar to older games such as temporunner but has been tweaked and improved on various fronts. Your character is a graffiti painter who is trying to escape the guard after painting on a train. During the game the goal is to not get caught and gather as many gold coins as possible. Also, you can pick up several buffers as a coin magnet, hoover board, super sneakers and so forth.

The game itself is simple but very rewarding and fun for the casual gamer.

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