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How to get a beta key for Star Craft 2

Looking for a beta key for Star Craft 2? We’ll tell you where to get it here!

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the imminent release of Star Craft 2 from Blizzard. We all know how well Blizzard has done before with Star Craft and the Warcraft RTS series. Warcraft has been the king of the hill in competitive RTS games for a long time.

Blizzard is now at the forefront of competitive gaming as Blizzard realized the great potential in keeping gamers engaged in a game for much longer time than it would ever take to complete the single player campaign by having competitive and pro online gameplay.

Blizzard’s approach to this also includes the World of Warcraft Arena. With the completely new version of Battlenet, that will support competitive online play, eSports and community surrounding all future Blizzard games including Star Craft 2 we’re really excited to see the final product when it comes to Star Craft 2.

We have played the beta and are really excited. Star Craft 2 is in tune with Blizzard’s great production standards and is sure to be one of the biggest hits this year in PC games. In fact Star Craft 2 might be one of the great reasons this year to spend time away from consoles and game on your good old PC.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on Star Craft 2 and hone your online skills ahead of your friends and the competition then you can get a free beta key if you preorder Star Craft 2 from Gamestop – click here.

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