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Released: Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity

Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity bundles the original game and the two micro-expansions Entrenchment and Diplomacy together. Sins of a Solar Empire was one of the first games to pioneer a blend of RTS and turn based strategy games such as Civilization.
When Sins of a Solar Empire was released in 2007 it met with great reviews and got even better witht the two micro expansions. If you haven’t played Sins of a Solar Empire before, then Trinity is the perfect opportunity to do so.

If you want to lead your civilization to glory in the intergalactic struggle you can buy Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity here

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  1. I don’t play many strategy games. However, SotS and the GalCiv seiers are both quite popular in the 4X genre.I do have a good amount of respect for Stardock. I read an article they did with IGN a long time ago, and their views on PC gaming and piracy are refreshing. I also like supporting developers that choose not to use intrusive copy protection and DRM in their titles. SoaSE has been an amazing success for Stardock and includes no copy protection. If you were a fan of SoaSE, you may want to give one of the GalCiv titles a shot. I believe they’re older, but they may still prove to be fulfilling.This probably isn’t the answer you were expecting, but since I haven’t played any of these titles, I can’t comment on the actual gameplay.

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