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Did not met my expectations

Reviewed game: Torchlight
Author: michael
Rating: 5/10

Torchlight is a game much like Diablo and it was made by some of the people that originally worked on Diablo. One of the larger differnces between Diablo and Torchlight is the lack of multiplayer in Torchlight. This doesn’t detract much from Torchlight at all though as it’s a great single player experience.

The game takes place in the dungeons below the city Torchlight. You choose between three available classes and decend into the dungeon to do damage, reap the rewards in gold, spells and new items and to gain levels. You can’t customize the looks of your avatar but you’ll soon find new equipment and gain levels that can unlock new abilities that you can choose from. In Torchlight you can have a dog or cat as a pet that not only keeps you company on your adventures but also picks up stuff, runs back to time to sell stuff and helps you battle your enemies. This is a nice touch to the game. You can fish for magical fish in the ponds to change your cat or dog into different monsters for a limited time.

The graphical presentation in the game has a cartoony style to it and the sound effects work really well to supply ample atmosphere and make you feel quite powerful when you bash in the heads of the monsters with your hammer. Torchlight can get repetitive fairly quick as you really only have 3 things to do in the game. Adventure hack ‘n slash style in the dungeons below the city, sell your newfound loot in the town or fish for magical fish.

The low price point of Torchlight as well as the good production values makes the game a very viable option if you’re looking to kill some time



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