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Nice puzzle experience

Reviewed game: Puzzle Quest
Author: michael
Rating: 8/10

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords has taken a casual game (pretty much the same as Bejewelled’s match three gems) and turned it into an exciting RPG-experience. The story is simple but keeps you engaged and the character progression, items, capturing cities, questing etc. keeps the same little mini-game fresh.

You spend your time in Puzzle quest doing two things. You move your character around on the map and you fight enemies. All of the fights takes place as a short puzzle game where you have to match three (or more) gems to either gain mana, experience, gold or damage your opponent. You can also cast spells based on your class and level as well as spells that you’ve researched at your Citadel based on captured enemies.

Puzzle Quest is an easy game to get into and to understand. There’s also no real penalty for dying. You can just try the same battle again until you win or pursue another quest while leveling up before trying it again.

The graphics and artwork is surprisingly pleasing in 2D and the whole game has a sort of casual feel about it while still offering enough options and progression to keep it all entertaining and engaging.



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