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Robot Run Madness

“A robot must protect its own existence …” Isaac Asimov 3rd law of Robotic. Robot Run Madness is endless runner with beautiful CG graphics, challenging game-play, mind blowing power-up’s and customisable main character. Like in none of other endless runner you’ll find true physics which is integrated in game-play to make it more fun.
Are you ready to design your own robot and run through the world of Robot Run Madness? It’s simple yet challenging one touch jet robot runner with amazing power-ups and astonishing graphics.
… Once upon a future robot awake being self-aware, but unfortunately he suppose to be recycled soon, his time to run is coming.

Endless runner features:
– Free to play
– Cool power-up’s
– Customisable main character
– Level system with lots of rewards
– Three worlds to explore
– Achievements
– Simple one touch control
– Amazing CG graphics
– Challenging game-play

Robot Run Madness is truly free to play,‬ you can accomplish it without paying anything and even win few unique parts for each class of robots, in-app purchases is for advanced customisation only! You can get it from Google Play:

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