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Hotline Miami

Creator: Dennation

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Steam

Type: Arcade, Strategy

Hotline Miami is an indie game in which you play a hitman in the underbelly of Miami. You do your business in a great neon-soaked 1980s Miami setting. Hotline Miami is brutal and you commit various acts of violence. Will you opt for stealth or violence or a little bit of both to make your way thorugh the well thought out levels. Underpinning the gunplay is a great soundtrack, decadent visual style and an engrossing plot. Hotline Miami features 20 levels, 25 masks with different bonuses and 35 weapons. Don't miss Hotline Miami. It's a blast! You can buy Hotline Miami on Steam, GOG and other digital outlets near you. Visit the official Hotline Miami website here.


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