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Mass Effect 2 – 8 out of 10

Reviewed game: Mass Effect 2
Author: Arnold Mortensen
Rating: 8/10
Mass Effect 2 deviates little from the original when it comes to gameplay, and that is a good thing. With Mass Effect 2 you get a new story and combat that has more FPS feel to it. Unfortunately the FPS part isn’t totally engaging which keeps ME2 from reaching the level of an instant classic. With Mass Effect 2 you get a story of epic proportions and the game is massive. You’ll be entertained for at least 30+ hours before the journey ends. The graphics and artwork is great as always, the voice acting is superb and the story is engaging and fun. Martin Sheen does the voice over for the mysterious Illusive Man and that really adds class. With Mass Effect 2 you have loads of side quests and relationships with your crew to develop as you did in the original and as you have in BioWare’s other epic RPG Dragon Age Origins. So there’s a ton of content to keep you busy. Some things in Mass Effect 2 doesn’t work out as well as they should. An example of this is the minerals gathering minigame that is quite monotonous and also the hacking and wiring mini-games. They don’t really add much to the game and gets very repetitive quickly after you’ve done them a few times. If you’re a hardcore action gamer you might find the massive amount of dialogue tedious at times, but if you like a good Sci-Fi story you’ll love it, and Mass Effect 2 is not to be missed.


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