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Total Overdose

Creator: Deadline Games

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 2, XBox

Type: Open World, Third Person Shooter

Total Overdose (aka Total Overdose: A Gunslinger’s Tale in Mexico) is an GTA inspired open world third-person shooter game that was developed by Deadline Games. Unfortunately the gaming company Deadline Games will not be releasing a Total Overdose sequel due to lacking financing. As player you take control of Ramiro “Ram” Cruz a former criminal now working as an agent for the DEA. You have been sent into Los Toros on the Mexican border by your twin brother Tommy to find out who killed your father Ernesto. The player needs to infiltrate and take down the biggest drug cartel in Mexico. This entails fighting it out with dope dealers, bandidos, corrupt Federales and many ohers. In between the main story missions you can do optional missions exploring Los Toros racking up your high score. Total overdose has a 72 MetaCritic rating to this day. You can buy Total Overdose for PC hereXbox here and the PS 2 here.


Total OverdoseTotal OverdoseTotal OverdoseTotal Overdose

Reviews of this game

  • 5/10 cool game by sumit poudel (2015-06-18 13:38:33)
  • 8/10 A good game by Cosmin Andrei (2014-07-02 09:51:50)
  • 5/10 a by akshay thakariya (2013-10-27 01:34:58)


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